Updated January 18, 2022

The team at Enhanced Performance (EP) has implemented COVID-19 safety protocols according to current PHO recommendations and changed how we approach training sessions so that our clients can continue to enjoy quality training in a safe environment. 

Requirements for clients: 

For in-gym sessions, all clients are required to book their session ahead of time (the maximum number of people training in one session is indicated in ZenPlanner) and perform Covid-19 self-assessment prior to entering the gym. We have removed a time limit for cancelling reservations without any penalty. As clients arrive for their training session, they are required to put on their mask (which will be worn at all times during the gym), remove their shoes and sanitize their hands. At the end of the session, each client is required to sanitize all the equipment and any touched surfaces with the solution provided ((60:40 of IPA:H20). Clients are required to bring their own water bottle and towels (towels are no longer provided for personal use). All clients are asked to present or email their vaccination status to EP once (a record is kept internally and updated regularly as new members join the gym). As per current PHO order (January 18, 2022), 7 m2  (or 2.5m by 2.5m) of space is allocated for each individual (based on the measurements of the total exercise area); the total number of people allowed to exercise at the same time is posted by the entrance to the gym. 

Cleaning and safety procedures at Enhanced Performance: 

All coaches are required to perform Covid-19 self-assessment prior to arrival to the gym. Dehumidifiers and HVAC systems are required to be active during any session. Entrance (if possible) and side door would also be open for extra air flow. Coaches are required to wear a mask when on the gym floor.

After each session, the coach is required to sanitize any area deemed necessary (high touch traffic areas (door handles, benches, etc). Surfaces in the bathroom are also sanitized regularly and reusable towels have been switched to single use paper towels. 

All of the coaching and therapy staff at Enhanced Performance have had two vaccinations and boosters at appropriate time intervals. For clients seeing one of the therapists at EP, an email with a Covid-19 assessment is email via JaneApp prior to the appointment. Therapy rooms are routinely sanitized after each client. Each discipline has their own detailed covid-19 safety protocol in accordance with PHO and their governing bodies.